Boys Basketball 2009-2010


Conference Record

Overall Records

Des Moines Christian






Guthrie Center



Coon Rapids/Bayard






West Central Valley



East Greene









Van Meter



Monday November 30,2009
40- Glidden/Ralston - Coon Rapids/Bayard-32
65-West Central Valley - Ogden-51

Tuesday December 1
58-Earlham - Martensdale/St Marys- 56
61- East Greene - Southeast Webster-36
59-Saydel - Van Meter-38

Friday December 4
58-Coon Rapids/Bayard - Panorama -53
100-Des Moines Christian - West Central Valley-54
53-Earlham - East Greene-41
53-Guthrie Center - Van Meter-38
40-Madrid - Woodward/Granger -37

Saturday December 5
65-Des Moines Christian - Guthrie Center-54
57-East Greene - Van Meter- 50
50-Madrid - Coon Rapids/Bayard -42
76-Panorama - Woodward/Granger- 43
52-West Central Valley - Earlham-44

Monday December 4
58-Coon Rapids/Bayard - Exira-30

Friday December 11
53-Guthrie Center - East Greene -43
64-Panorama - West Central Valley-53
49-Madrid - Earlham-31

Saturday December 12
70-Grandview Park Baptist - Woodward/Granger-49
77-Guthrie Center - Adair/Casey-37

Tuesday December 15
90-Des Moines Christian -Earlham-58
39-East Greene -Coon Rapids/Bayard-37
64-Guhtrie Center -Woodward/Granger-56
65-Madrid - West Central Valley-54
86-Panorama -Van Meter-39

Friday December 18
58-Coon Rapids/Bayard - Earlham-32
87-Des Moines Christian- Woodward/Granger-58
50-Madrid -Van Meter-47
51-Panorama - Guthrie Center-48
57-West Central Valley - East Greene-55

Saturday December 19
77-Ankeny Christian - Van Meter-39
63-Bondurant/Farrar -Panorama-58
61-Ogden - Woodward/Granger-47
60-Des Moines Christian - Coon Rapids/Bayard-47

Monday December 21
89-Des Moines Christian -East Greene-50
49-Panorama -Madrid-42
77-West Central Valley - Van Meter-45

Tuesday December 22
45-Van Meter -Clarke (Osceola)-38

Monday January 4, 2010
62-IKM (Manning) -Coon Rapids/Bayard-50
65-Des Moines Christian -Panorama-48

Tuesday January 5,2010
63-Coon Rapids/Bayard -West Central Valley- 58
43-Guthrie Center - Madrid-37
45-Van Meter - Earlham-33
60-Woodward/Granger -East Greene-46

Saturday January 9
74-Des Moines Christian - Van Meter-40
56-Guthrie Center -Coon Rapids/Bayard-37
44-Madrid -East Greene-42
84-Panorma -Earlham-51
69-West Central Valley -Woodward/Granger-56

Monday January 11
79-Des Moines Christian -Madrid-54
62-Guthrie Center -Earlham-42

Tuesday January 12
81-Des Moines Christian -West Central Valley-59
59-East Greene - Earlham-48
57-Guthrie Center -Van Meter-46
44-Madrid -Woodward/Granger-41
63-Panorama -Coon Rapids/Bayard-52

Friday January 15
36-Coon Rapids/Bayard -Madrid-34
65-Des Moines Christian-Guthrie Center-50
53-East Greene- Van Meter-34
94-Panorama -Woodward/Granger-77
66-West Central Valley -Earlham-50

Saturday January 16
60-Audubon -Panorama-58
48-West Central Valley -Nodaway Valley-47

Sunday January 17
67-Earlham -Interstate 35-62 (3OT @ Wells Fargo)

Tuesday January 19
55-Coon Rapids/Bayard -Woodward/Granger-37
77-Des Moines Christian -East Greene-45
63-Guthrie Center -Earlham-48
66-Panorama -Madrid-50
70-West Central Valley -Van Meter-59

Friday January 22
62-East Greene -Guthrie Center-46
79-Des Moines Christian- Coon Rapids/Bayard-50
64-Madrid -Earlham-48
74-West Central Valley -Panorama-72
63-Woodward/Granger -Van Meter-37 

Saturday January 23
62-Guthrie Center - Elk Horn/Kimballton-51 (OT)
53-Madrid -SE Webster (Grand) -41
60-Coon Rapid/Bayard -Van Meter-39
56-Panorama -East Greene-38

Tuesday January 26
49-Coon Rapids/Bayard -East Greene-38
101-Des Moines Christian -Earlham-49
46-West Central Valley -Madrid-36
103-Panorama - Van Meter-49
Guthrie Center vs Woodward/Granger (Cancelled to 2/8)

Thursday January 28
60-Madrid -Woodward Academy-59
54-Woodward/Granger- Van Meter-39

Friday January 29
74-Des Moines Christian - Woodward/Granger-36
63-East Greene -West Central Valley-53
49-Madrid -Van Meter-33
60-Panorama -Guthrie Center-46
59-Coon Rapids/Bayard -Earlham-44

Saturday January 30
56-Des Moines Christian -Chariton-42
63-Rockwell City/Lytton -East Greene-53

Monday February 1
55-Guthrie Center -West Central Valley-52
67-Woodward/Granger -Earlham-45

Tuesday February 2
66-Coon Rapids/Bayard -West Central Valley-63 (OT)
66-Des Moines Christian -Panoarma-58
74-Earlham -Van Meter-64
59-East Greene -Woodward/Granger-53
38-Guthrie Center - Madrid-27

Thursday February 4
65-Earlham -East Union-55
63-Coon Rapids/Bayard -Woodward/Granger-54 (OT)

Friday February 5
76-Coon Rapids/Bayard -Van Meter-43
67-Des Moines Christian - Madrid-53
78-Panorama -East Greene-62
64-Woodward/Granger -Earlham-53
38-Guthrie Center -West Central Valley-33

Saturday February 6
65-Des Moines Christian -Knoxville-50

Tuesday  February 9
81-Des Moines Christian -Van Meter-50
59-West Central Valley -Woodward/Granger-37

Wednesday February 10
61-Guthrie Center -Woodward/Granger-56

Thursday February 11
65-Des Moines Christian -Pella Christian -55
83-Panorama -Woodward Academy -79 (OT)
69-Woodward/Granger -Collins/Maxwell/Baxter-50

Friday February 12
61-East Greene -Adair/Casey-39
64-Guthrie Center -Audubon-40

Saturday February 13
51-Guthrie Center - Coon Rapids/Bayard-46

Monday February 15
2A District Games
67-Des Moines Christian - Earlham-26
70-Panorama-Van Meter-32 
66-West Central Valley -Red Oak-40 
64-Guthrie Center-Griswold-58 (OT) 

Thursday February 18
1A District Games
64-Ankeny Christian - Woodward/Granger- 45
58- Madrid - Iowa Christian Academy -42
54-Coon Rapids/Bayard -East Greene- 36
 2A Reginals Games
65-Des Moines Christian - Panorama -47
59-Guthrie Center - West Central Valley-43

Tuesday February 23
Class 1A Districts
64-Ankeny Christian - Madrid-47
Coon Rapids/Bayard vs Glidden/Ralston (PPD to 2/24)
Class 2A Districts Finals
59-Des Moines Christian - Praire City/Monroe-56
48-Guthrie Center - Clarinda Academy-47

Wednesday February 24
Class 1 A Districts
40-Coon Rapids/Bayard - Glidden/Ralston-28

Thursday February 25
Class 1A District Finals
63-Coon Rapids/Bayard - Rockwell City/Lytton -43

Saturday February 27
Class 1A Substate
50-Coon Rapids/Bayard - Boyer Valley/Dunlap-45
Class 2A Substate
60-Des Moines Christian - West Marshall-44
50-IKM/Manning - Guthrie Center-43

Monday March 8
Class 1A State Tournment @ Wells Fargo in Des Moines
72-NUH (Cedar Falls) - Coon Rapids/Bayard -29
Class 2A State Tournment @ Wells Fargo in Des Moines
65-Kuemper Catholic (Carroll) - Des Moines Christian -53